Capturing Attention at Trade Shows

Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to introduce the brand to new audiences, solidify relationships with loyal customers, and shine among the competition. People flock to these exhibits to see what is new, learn about options in the industry, and make comparisons. The floor is akin to a search results page laid out in front of interested buyers. The biggest challenge for businesses is to capture attention which is getting more difficult as the human attention span declines.

Not Blending In

There are only so many color schemes, booth configurations, and interactive features that are available to businesses to help them from blending in with all the other businesses represented. The amount of space is a factor, but the difference between standing out and blending in has come down to design and quality of graphics. A business can blend in even if the largest space offered at the show is reserved the its exhibition. It takes a professional team to work with a business owner in developing and manufacturing exhibits to be successful at drawing people into the booth space.

Make a Lasting Impression

Companies with a team approach to the creative process, such as Team One Exhibits, combine engineers, designers, production managers, and state-of-the-art facilities to convey a strong brand and message that will make a lasting impression. Everything from the first drawing to the finished display is completed in-house. This ensures the highest quality possible, personalized attention to every client, and the flexibility to meet any business budgets. Award-winning results, full-featured interactive functions, and superior services are backed by over fifteen years of experience.

Display Rentals

Not all businesses have the time or resources to have custom displays designed and built. The practice of renting displays from Team One Exhibits is common, especially for small and new businesses. Renting does not translate to nondescript exhibits that do blend into the background. Full-color branding logos, business names, and slogans are seamlessly interwoven onto the rented displays. Remember everything is completed in-house, so printing signage and decals to place onto exhibits is fast and easy for a great look.

Other Services Provided

On-site show supervisors can be hired to handle all the set-up, daily maintenance, and take down of exhibits. Business representatives simply need to arrive at the trade show and start the day. Space will be cleaned, stocked, and straightened each morning of the trade show. When the event is over, the display will be taken down and sent to the business or stored in the warehouse until it is needed again. Repairs and refurbishing of displays are also offered.


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